Tartar steak with marrow, mustard caviar, smoked mayonnaise and bread crumble (1, 3, 10)
CZK 250

Shrimp cocktail with mango, passion fruit and lemon crème fraîche (2, 6, 7, 8, 12)
CZK 320

Roasted foie gras with grapefruit sauce, brioche(1, 3, 7, 12)
CZK 350


Beef borscht with dill sour cream and vegetables (7,9,12)
CZK 129

Beef broth with homemade noodles, meat and vegetables (1,3,7,9)
CZK 129


300g Rib eye du chef, grilled grenaille with butter and garlic (7,9,12)
CZK 699

Beef steak with roasted celery marinated in miso, sour-sweet shallot, crispy potatoes and thyme (1,7,9,12)
CZK 699

Pulled beef with thai crepe, kimchi and plum sauce (1,3,7,12)
CZK 360

Veal Pot-au-feu with bread (1, 9)
CZK 380

Burger from dry-aged beef neck in a homemade brioche with bacon, BBQ Jack Daniels, salad and cheddar dip (1,3,7,12)
CZK 320

Rabbit saddle with poultry livers, apple and truffle parfumed mashed potatoes (1,7,12)
CZK 380

Chicken supreme, pumpkin puree with orange peel and grilled almonds (1, 7, 8)
CZK 320

Fried pork belly with sesame, sprouts, ginger, sweet soya sauce, sweet chilli and rice fondant (1,6,9,10,11,12)
CZK 390


Sous vide salmon with fennel, demi glace and lime flavoured mashed potatoes (4,7)
CZK 420

Zander with grilled tomatoes, creamy bechamel and grenaille (1,7)
CZK 420


Ash coated goat cheese with orange juice marinated beetroot and tangerine jelly (7,10,12)
CZK 320

Grilled romaine letuce with „Caesar“ dressing and chicken (1,3,10)
CZK 290

Calamari with ruille and salad, baguette (1,3,7,14)
CZK 280


Panna cotta with vodka and raspberries (7,12)
CZK 150

Cannolo with pistachio cream and ice cream (1,3,7)
CZK 150


  1. Cereals containing gluten
  2. Crustaceans (and products thereof)
  3. Eggs (and products thereof)
  4. Fish (and products thereof)
  5. Peanuts (and products thereof)
  6. Soybeans (and products thereof)
  7. Milk (and products thereof)
  8. Nuts
  1. Celery (and products thereof)
  2. Mustard (and products thereof)
  3. Sesame seeds (and products thereof)
  4. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites (E220, E221, E222, E223, E224, E226, E227, E228)
  5. Lupin (and products thereof)
  6. Molluscs (and products thereof)